3 Easy Tips Guaranteed To BOOST Your Website Conversion Rate

Is your website not quite up to scratch? Are you getting lots of visitors but not many enquiries? Here are three simple ways you can quickly and easily increase your website conversion rate yourself:

Font Colour

Font colour, like call to action button colour is a conversion driver.

When Microsoft was designing what would eventually become Bing, it tested a vast number of colours and it turned out that the one that users engaged with the most was indeed blue. More specifically, it was a shade of blue quite similar to the one used by Google.

Choosing that specific blue (#0044CC for colour enthusiasts) over some other hues amounted to an additional $80 million in annual revenue, when one factors in the additional clicks on advertisements and increased user engagement.

“That blue was worth at least $80 million”

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-20000623-56.html#ixzz1MamtUNi9

Follow the leaders – Google use blue for links in the body text of your website. It’s what people are used to, and what people know and like.

In addition to the blue for links you will want to use contrasting colours to highlight important elements of your website.

Font Type

Are your visitors seeing your website how you intended?

The most common font on Windows is the system interface font Tahoma, reported in practically 100% of submissions. However a commonly used font on the internet is Calibri, yet this is only found on 75% of Windows computers.

When designing your website, make sure you choose widely used fonts to make sure users see what you are expecting and intended. It is possible to have ‘fallback’ fonts so if a computer did not have the first one the second would work, but do you know what your website looks like with the fallback fonts in place? Get your web designer to check this for you.

Font Size

Getting the font size correct is CRITICAL to your websites success.

If your visitors find it difficult, uncomfortable or simply can’t read your site, they are going to leave…fast.

Does your sites font size match your audience? Adults over 40 prefer size 14 font whereas under 40 size 12 font.

Getting this right is GUARANTEED to improve your conversion rate.

Test larger fonts on your website to see how your audience reacts. You might find that fewer walk out the back door!

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