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Moodle is the world’s leading course management system used by schools, colleges, university and private companies to enrich the teaching of courses and provide a central point to distribute and delivery content to students and to run electronic assessments. It’s a reliable, robust, feature rich and scalable to the largest of organisations. It’s trusted by top universities including Oxford and Cambridge but is also used in primary schools to help the very first steps in learning. It even supports integration with mobile phones so students could complete lessons or be assessed from anywhere in the world, so long as they had mobile phone signal.

With university tuition fees rising, people are likely to change the way they learn. People will be more likely to take on the job training courses and personal development, rather than go to university.

This opens up a new market for commercial organisations interested in delivering specialist training solutions, qualifications and teamwork exercises to a variety of different businesses and organisations. Many of these courses are likely to be distance run courses using online training material and video.

We recently developed an eLearning website for Signal Business Consulting, a team of specialists who normally provide internal Audit, Risk Management and Organisational Development, but who have decided to use their expert knowledge from a background in several key areas of Investigations, Corporate Governance and HR Practice to train individuals in public sector and corporate organisations in how to use techniques.

As an online eLearning platform, Moodle was the perfect virtual learning environment for Signal. However they needed a way to be able to commercialise the software, and take payments before enrolling students onto courses.

Here at Websites Designed, we developed a bespoke enrolment platform to connect with Moodle to manage enrolments, and ensure payments were taken (offline in this case, but online payments via credit or debit card would work in the same way) before students were given access to the course material. This process was automated to reduce the admin required by Signal Business Consulting.

We also built Signal two new websites (one for their core business and one to cover the learning and training side of the business). Both have strong branding and we were able to carry this branding on into the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment.

We hired Matthew’s services in 2010 for the development of two websites. From beginning to end we were very impressed with the way Matthew managed the whole process. The end results were superb. We thoroughly recommend Matthew to anyone in need of web design help.

Matthew Scott – Signal Business Consulting Ltd

If you are looking for an affordable and commercialised e-Learning solution for your business talk to Websites Designed today on 02392 984570 or

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