Top 10 Tips for a Better Website #2 – Freshness

Having lots of content on your website is great. However the content must be fresh to be valuable. If you haven’t updated your website content in 3+ years then your customers may find your content is out of date, or irrelevant. This also impacts on search engine ranking rankings. Search engines track how regularly you update your content. Whilst they understand your content – they can understand that content that hasn’t been updated for 3+ years is far more out of date than a website that was updated last week. The more often your content changes, the better you rank in the freshness category.

So what can you change? Well anything really. Keeping a good blog or adding frequent articles to your website will produce good results. It’s understandable that some parts of your website (such as an about page or a page listing products or services) are not going to be possible to change. Google realises this too. It’s about supplementing this core content with secondary fresh content at frequent intervals. However it’s possible to keep these pages fresh by adding blog, news and social media feeds to these core pages.

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