What your customers NEED to find on your Restaurant, Bar or Pub Website

I went to Bournemouth on Saturday night to meet up with old friends. We were meeting in a restaurant/bar and not really knowing Bournemouth, when I arrived in the town centre I looked up on my phone where I should be going.

I found a website for the venue, although it was just full of pictures of people eating. There was no address, no directions or anything to help me locate the bar. I even wondered if the website I was looking at was even for a restaurant in Bournemouth!

This made me think about what I NEED from a restaurant website, what it should offer me, and why so many don’t and as such, just don’t work.

I’ve taken a look at several other restaurant websites this morning, and realised restaurants giving visitors to their website quite simply the wrong information, is not an uncommon problem.

On a website for a restaurant, pub or bar, I’m looking for:

  • An easy to browse menu.
  • Specials and happy hour info (including
    Foursquare, Groupon and Twitter Specials).
  • Address with a link to Google Maps
  • Online reservation system that actually works (so when I show up the hostess does not give me a blank face when I tell her my name)
  • Hours of operation, parking and contact info (telephone!)
  • A mobile optimised website.

What I got on most of the websites I looked at:

  • A menu only downloadable as a massive 10MB PDF, unsuitable for my iPhone
  • A flash website which means I can’t click the telephone button to call, copy the address for google maps or my computer, and simply can’t see the website at all on my iPhone.
  • A welcome letter in an illegible font, written by the founder that is boring, dull, filling space and that no-one will read.
  • A slideshow of obnoxious pictures of past customers stuffing their faces with food.

Whilst I’m not saying you shouldn’t have pictures of your venue on a website, if you want a gallery of recent nights/events, that’s fine, but perhaps add them to your Facebook fan page (where your fans who are probably in the pictures will find them!)

If you run a restaurant and bar and are serious about generating more business then call us on 02392 984570 and discuss how we can seriously help your profits. I believe too many restaurant owners are too complacent or not serious enough about how a decent, relevant web presence could seriously boost their business. The above is not hard, it’s just so many get it wrong.

Call Websites Designed today on 02392 984570 to discuss your restaurant, bar or pub web design.

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